Private Scholarships at Missouri State University-West Plains

Scholarship Aid Year: 1819

Many students receive scholarships from private sources. Civic and professional organizations, businesses and corporations, unions and clubs often sponsor scholarship programs. Students investigating the possibility of receiving a scholarship from a private source should contact a representative of the organization. Public libraries and high school counselors can also provide information.

Resident Assistant Awards

Resident Assistants provide educational programming and supervision in campus residence facilities. The award is equivalent to six semester credit hours or equal dollar amount to be applied towards Residence Hall Room and Board at Missouri State University-West Plains. Each recipient must live in the residence hall. Full-time enrollment is not required. Contact the Office of Student Life and Development at 417.255.7233 for more information.

Roy S. Dunsmore Scholarship and Loan Fund

This fund serves principally as a source of loans for students who have short-term cash needs. The loan amount and repayment schedule varies with the request and the availability of funds. The fund was established by friends of Roy S. Dunsmore, a distinguished public educator, and augmented by the University.

Student Employment

Part-time jobs are available at the University and in the community of West Plains. Students who wish to be considered for part-time jobs should inquire at the Career Services Office at 417.255.7230 in M. O. Looney Hall.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

TAA is a federal program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Missouri Department of Economic Development to provide assistance to workers who have become totally or partially unemployed as the result of increased imports. TAA can provide qualified individuals a full range of services including testing, counseling, job placement, training and supportive services. Training assistance includes payment of training related costs such as tuition, books, supplies, etc. Contact the Division of Workforce Development at 417-256-3158 for complete details.

Veterans Affairs

The Missouri State University-West Plains Veteran's Services provides assistance to veterans and their eligible dependents in applying for and receiving Veterans Administration educational benefits. Contact their office at 417-255-7223 for complete details.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation assists students who have physical or emotional limitations. Benefits can include required student fees, a book allowance, and a room and board allowance. Students may inquire at any of the Vocational Rehabilitation offices located throughout Missouri.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) formerly JTPA

WIA provides funding for vocational training to students who qualify based on need. Contact The Missouri Career Center at 417-256-3158 in West Plains for more information.