Additional Resources at Missouri State University-West Plains

Scholarship Aid Year: 1920

A+ Program

Missouri State University-West Plains is a participating college in the Missouri A+ Program.

Alternative Loans

Alternative Loans are private loans designed to help students with educational expenses that exceed other available assistance. Various lenders provide different types of loans as well as broad terms and interest rates. For this reason, we advise all borrowers considering alternative loans to research the market and choose the loan program that is right for their specific circumstances. These loans are credit based and as such are not guaranteed to all borrowers. Additionally, they cannot be consolidated with Federal Student Loans and the interest rates are based on credit and lender policy.

It is equally important to note that various lenders make loans available to different types of borrowers. Some alternative loans require the student to be the borrower, though allowing co-signers if the student's credit is insufficient to qualify. Other loans allow parents or other supporting individuals to borrow loan funds on the student's behalf. It is important to understand whom the borrower would be for each alternative loan considered.

Missouri State University-West Plains does not endorse or promote any lenders that offer private alternative loans. It is recommended that you thoroughly research lenders before applying for an alternative loan. Please contact our office for more information regarding alternative loans.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the policy of the Office of Financial Aid at Missouri State University-West Plains that a student MUST be enrolled at least HALF-TIME in current grade level courses at Missouri State-West Plains before an alternative loan will be processed for the student.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a student is requesting alternative loan funds to pay a past-due account balance from a previous term at Missouri State University-West Plains (known as a retroactive loan), the loan funds certified cannot exceed the account balance owed by the borrower for that term. No refunds are issued to borrowers when processing retroactive loans. Additionally, students must have completed a minimum of half-time current grade level courses for the term(s) in question to qualify for a retroactive loan.

American Opportunity (Hope Tax Credit) and Lifetime Learning Credit

These two provisions allow eligible taxpayers to receive a non-refundable tax credit for qualifying educational expenses. For more details go to the following website.

Note: Ends December 2017

Athletic Grants

The requirements and regulations governing athletic grants are set and supervised by the National Junior College Athletic Association. Contact the coaches of each varsity sport offered at Missouri State University-West Plains for more information.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Indian Affairs Grants are paid to students who are at least one-fourth Native American ancestry. Students should contact their tribal offices.

Cheer Team and Grizzly Mascot Awards

These awards are up to $500 per semester (fall/spring). Each recipient must be a member of the Cheer Team and enrolled in at least half-time study. Contact Rachel Peterson, Cheer Team Sponsor, for details at 417-255-7978 or rachelpeterson@MissouriState.Edu.

Child Care Access Means Parents in School

Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS) project is designed to assist student parents enrolled in programs of higher education. Student/parents interested may apply for child care assistance for full-time or part-time care. The Learning Tree Child Care Center in West Plains, Missouri is the selected facility and is accredited by the Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth and licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Applications will be reviewed based on the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) calculations for unmet need to determine participation.

Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAp)

ConAP is a partnership between Army Recruiting Command and over 1900 participating colleges to mutually advance the goals of lifelong learning and postsecondary education for Future Soldiers. On January 1, 2014, the United States Army Recruiting Command assumed ConAP program management and now serves as liaison between Army Recruiters, ConAP colleges, Service member Opportunity Colleges (SOC), Army education centers and the higher education community. Army and Army Reserve recruiters help new soldiers apply for admission to ConAp colleges.

Missouri National Guard

Educational assistance for members of the Missouri National Guard. For more information access

Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program

Established to increase the number of professional nurses practicing in areas with a nursing shortage. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information or access